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IVF Class Overview

The Couple's Guide to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)    

In Vitro Fertilization Course Objective:

To provide a broad understanding of the medical and technical aspects of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) relative to various forms of sub-fertility. View IVF Class Videos Now »

Meet Our IVF Team:
Fertility Doctor, Zain Al-Safi, MD. Fertility Doctor, Daniel Dumesic, MD Fertility Doctor, Kathleen Brennan, MD
Zain Al-Safi, MD Daniel Dumesic, MD Kathleen Brennan, MD

IVF Class Outline:

  • Historical perspective of IVF
  • Indications for IVF
  • Purpose of prescreening evaluation
  • Medical strategies for ovarian stimulation
  • Techniques of oocyte retrieval
  • Methods of oocyte fertilization
  • Decisions regarding embryo transfer
  • Complications and Results
  • Third party assisted reproduction
  • View IVF Class Videos Now »


"I thought the IVF class was informative and concise. Even though I had been through numerous fertility treatments elsewhere (including IVF), I learned valuable information from the presentation. I appreciated hearing more about the research on IVF, including research conducted at UCLA. At other clinics, I was given only the most cursory explanation of what was going to happen and why. I appreciate that the doctors at UCLA want patients to understand the reasoning behind the fertility treatment decisions. I appreciated that a little humor was inserted into the presentation as well! It brought some levity to an emotionally difficult topic."
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